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At Crown88, we believe that betting on sports and casino games are an excellent source of fun and entertainment. It’s important to us that gambling can cause dependence and there is a risk for some players to develop a serious problem. That’s why we want our customers to take part in gambling with full responsibility.

Preventing under age gambling
To prevent participation in gambling of minors to play at Crown88, you must have not less than 18 years of age or be of the age of majority established in your country of residence. At our company, appropriate age checks are carried out, which make it possible to avoid using our game programs by minors.

Providing inaccurate or untrue information about the age of the player may entail the confiscation of the winnings and lead to administrative or criminal prosecution.

To prevent access to our website by minors, we recommend that players install and apply filtering software to computers. This will give players the opportunity to control the displayed content or block websites by setting passwords that prevent access to the Crown88 of minors.Our recommended filtering programs are: Gameblock, Cyber Patrol, Safe Kids, Cyber Sitter and Net Nanny.

Do you have a gambling problem?
The following questionnaire will help to determine whether you are a gambler and whether you need to suspend gambling:
  • Have you ever lost your work or time for studying because of gambling?
  • Have you ever had problems at home because of gambling?
  • Does the fascination with gambling affect your reputation?
  • Have you ever felt remorse because of gambling?
  • Did you have to gamble to pay off debts or other financial difficulties?
  • Have gambling become the cause of a decrease in your ambitions or performance?
  • Do you feel the desire to immediately return your money after losing at any cost?
  • Do you have a strong desire after winning immediately to continue the game in order to win even more?
  • Do you often play until the last dollar?
  • Have you ever borrowed money for gambling?
  • Have you ever sold something for gambling?
  • Have you become careless about family expenses because of gambling?
  • Have you played gambling for longer than you expected?
  • Have you ever engaged in gambling to escape from boredom, problems or loneliness?
  • Has gambling become the cause of your bad sleep?

Controlling the situation if you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you may need to take preventive measures.

Support-line for gambling addicts
If you believe that you might be negatively addicted to gambling, we recommend that you contact a self-help organization for additional help.The below organizations are recommended for support and advice in overcoming problems with gambling: